Hello and Welcome to my Home Page. 

The above photo was taken in Sept. 2014, my first book signing with my first novel, Watson Manor Eventually.

Exploring my desire to tell a story and a new found love for writing has allowed me to travel down a few different literary paths, three more novels in the Watson Manor Mystery Series and five others.

I hope you'll scroll down through the groupings below summerizing my different pages and find something that is of interest to you or click

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Watson Manor Mystery Series

 Is a full length, four novel series in the Mystery-Crime genre with cozy on going romance between Charlie and Jenny. They meet in book one and throughout the series are pulled into solving crimes. Take me there


Fun Books for the Kids

 The initial book in a new children's series,

The Cousins Club geared for young readers in the 2nd through 5th grade range. 

Kye's First Car, a how a car works book, was written for a 4th grade student I tutored through a wonderful organization, Reading Partners. The fun began when Kye's mother contacted a local news station about her son's book. Link is on the page. Take me there.



 Is a very diverse collection of novellas.

In His Time is a warm, feel good story about a family love born out of tragedy.

Melody's Path to Grace is a Christian romance, where the cozy romance is expanded beyond finding love to an acceptance of not understanding God's plan, but through His grace being a part of it.

My 350 V8 Corvair, A Unique Muscle Car is a photo documented conversion of my 1966, rear-engine, four door Corvair into a V8 hot rod. Take me there.


The Contact page is for your comments, questions or just to say hello. I'd love to hear from you. Take me there.

Like that catch-all drawer in the kitchen, I have a collection of short stories in my Blog. Funny (intent) to something with a twist. Okay, I'll Bite.

Or maybe you are just wondering who this Ronald (Ron) Craig fella is. What's my Story?