Ronald S Craig

Hello, I'm Ron Craig and here is my story? I was born and raised in Southern California and after graduating from Warren High School in Downey, CA, a long time ago, I enlisted in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War. Both of my parents were WWII veterans, actually met in the service and it seemed the natural next step for me. I would like to confess, I wasn't drawn to writing and storytelling through my high school years, but I was the guy in the garage building go carts or working on my car.

I too left the service after four years with a bride then started a family and a new career in the engineering field. Attending night school I earned a Business Degree from California State University, San Bernardino. The fascination with writing set in about 2008 when the seed for Watson Manor was planted. It would be great if I could convey the cosmic occurrence that gave birth to this new desire to write or that I was inspired when Mom obtained a degree in creative writing, but it just happened. I know, any fiction writer worth his salt could have come up with something better than, it just happened!

I made the move from Southern California north to Elverta, California in 2012 to be close to my now four of my six grandchildren that my two daughters have blessed me with. Following that move, I dusted off my original story, Call of a Dying Goose and created Watson Manor Eventually and then book two, three and four in the series and am currently working on book five. I was inspired by one of  those real life experiences and between books three and four in the series wrote the novella In His Time. 

That brings me to the present as self-employed and exploring my passion for writing. I encourage readers to contact me through email as I would love to hear from you.





Update Sept 2017

Beyond writing and always having a book I'm reading on my bedside night table, 2017 added some adventures outside my home. I am enjoying the time between the proverbial two best days of boat ownership, buying it and selling it, satisfying the urge to share and explore our local lakes and rivers ...

Then there is the call of the many country roads surrounding me and I had to add this set of wheels to the stable...

Charlie and Jenny

Creating Charlie and Jenny was a blending of many influences and not too far from the memory of my own parents. My father without any background in construction built two vacation homes with only the desire and attitude expressed in his favorite phrase "Nobody told me I couldn't"

Mom had open arms for everyone and never failed to put my sisters and me first on her priority list. Jenny became a blend of her and the very strong and feminine role portrayed in the movie 'Broken Arrow'.