"In the Mall" Just for Fun

As a point of explanation, I posted this "In the Mall" for fun on a writers website directed to a dear friend and author on that site, Rosalyne Bowmile. Her response follows this post.

In the Mall

“Hello, I’m Steve,” he said as he approached her table in the food court of a large indoor mall.

“Congratulations,” Rosalyne replied.

“I saw you as I was passing by, thought I’d say hello,” he said smiling.

“Mission accomplished,” she said, giving him a quick glance.

“Are you hungry? May I buy you some lunch.”

“I thought you just wanted to say Hello?”

“At first, but your conversation is so engaging.”

Rosalyne looked at him, and a small smile crossed her face.

“I was just going to get a slice of pepperoni pizza,” she said.

“To drink?”

“No, to eat. I probably would’ve washed it down with a Coke.”

Steve smiled and headed to the Pizza World counter. He returned with two plates of pizza and drinks, then set them on the table.

“May I join you?” he asked.

“Your agenda just keeps unfolding. Sure, it’d make eating a little easier, I guess.”

“Yours is the pepperoni.”

“They’re both the same,” she said.

“Wanted to keep it simple.”

“Thanks, so what is the, it, you wanted to keep simple? Your agenda?”

“What’s with the agenda? I saw you, was attracted and thought maybe we could talk.”

“I’m guessing that line has failed you in the past, also,” she said.

“This is fun. Are you a boxing instructor?”

“There’s a pun, Mr. Charming put the gloves on.”

“So, on another note. Are you doing some Christmas shopping?” he asked.

“What gave me away Sherlock, the three shopping bags at my feet or Silent Night playing on the overhead speakers?”

“I’m beginning to think, Silent Night describes your bedroom.”

She laughed. “My bedroom, in your dreams.”

“No, in my dreams, it’s Joy to the World.”

“Like I said, in your dreams, obviously not in your life,” she said.

“Shopping for a significant other?”

“Everyone in my life is significant, until now.”

“This is going well. Do you have a name or just answer to Frosty?” he asked.

“Christmas humor, Mr. Wit? Had me at hello is only in the movies.”

“OK, before it snows in here, I thought the red dress was stunning on you,” he said.

“I tried that on an hour ago, are you a stalker?”

“I didn’t mention when I noticed you. I thought you’d like the compliment.”

“Let me get this straight. You follow me around the mall for an hour, buy me a piece of pizza, complement me in a red dress, stunning I think you said, but there’s no agenda here?” she asked.

“So, I’m guessing changing the music in your head tonight is out of the question?”

“I didn’t say that. Your mom has our kids tonight. Could you grab some wine on your way home, honey?”

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