Response to "In The Mall"

My dearest Steve!

It's time for me to reveal myself. I am none other than Pedicured, Pampered, Princess. It’s a mouthful to say at once, but with practice, you too will become a master of tongue twisters. 

Puckering your lips when you annunciate your P’s, makes it much easier to pronounce.

Now on to more important issues. I understand you’ve been conversing with a friend of mine on FanStory. He has provided you with fables of misplaced thoughts and clouded, confuddled ideas of misconceptions.

Yes, I am aware the word confuddled is not commonly used.  In Canada, we like to use creative expression.  

Ron has filled your head with mutterings of befuddlement.  Let me explain. It all began when he shared the joyous news of Jenny and Charlie’s wedding. What he neglected to offer, was an invitation. Due to such oversight, Jenny and Charlie, have gone out of their way to compensate for his misguided mistake.

As for the bedroom, I must clarify all misjudgments. My boudoir has never played Silent Night, and to think you're offering me Joy to the World. Well, I must say, last night, Jingle Bells, rocked the house! 

Oh, no, did I shock you?  Do I look like the kind of woman who plays Lonely Hearts Club Band? Let me remove my coat to show you. Such cumbersome clothing to wear inside the mall. You Southerners don’t understand cold weather or snow. It doesn’t fall from the ceiling, but from the blue mass overhead called a sky.

Now, that’s better, much more comfortable. Yes, I’m wearing the Red Dress!  Isn’t it lovely?  It was my mother’s. She wore it the same time Marilyn Monroe wore hers, to the White House Birthday celebration.

It’s been lovely having lunch with you, Steve.  I must go, but before I leave, please send my regards to Ron. One more thing, tell him it’s safe to come out of hiding; I've removed the boxing gloves.

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