Watson Manor Eventually and look ahead Watson Manor Unfolding

I just received this comment from Rosalyne Bowmile, a wonderful review source of feedback who I have acknowledged in my first book Watson Manor Eventually. She continues to be an invaluable source as I write the sequel Watson Manor Unfolding, currently in chapter 10

Her Comments:

"I really like how your first book was written. The mysteries reminded me of vignettes, each involving Charlie and Jenny. 

What I liked so much is how you immediately brought the reader into the story and the lives of your main characters. To me this is so important. Charlie and Jenny are the heart of the stories. You showed beautifully the progression from love, marriage to the building of a life together with Watson Manor. 

With each mystery, you showcased their personalities, further developing who they are as characters and the love and respect they have for one another. This is wonderful. I know they exist on paper, but to me are so real and friends I feel I've known for years. That is quality writing!!! 

Now with the well grounded first novel, you've moved on so well with the second. Readers will already know the characters of Charlie and Jenny, and let you delve deeper into the mystery as you're doing. The pace is moving along well, not too quickly, allowing time to reflect on Charlie and Jenny. 

You've moved them into the next stage of the relationship, honeymoon over and having their first argument. This is great, and again, gives them as characters more depth. Keep going. You're doing a wonderful write."
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