Here are my books written for the younger readers grades 2nd through 5th. However, beyond the story in Kye's First Car is a first look at how car's work for all ages. The newest addition to this section is below.

The Cousins Club 

The beginning and Summer Camp

The Cousins Club is a two part story about the children of two sisters living in different places. When the initially come together for a week the children want to create a club and decide on calling themselves the Cousins Club. Part 2, Summer Camp takes the Cousins Club to Treasure Island and the real magic begins. They discover a magical wishing well in the forest that grants their inner wishes. Armed with amazing superpowers, the Cousins Club becomes the rescue team.



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Kye's First Car

How a car works for inquiring

young minds.

"Kye's First Car" previously "Kye's New Project" is an elementary first look into how a car works set in a fictional story of a Dad taking his son, Kye through the main components of a car. His dad begins with nuts & bolts, tools, engine, transmissions, rear differential and brakes. There is a glossary in the back.

I would like to point out this book was written for one of my 4th grade tutoring students, you guessed it his name is Kye, and he wanting to learn about cars.

Kye & I on Good Day Sacramento


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