In His Time


Steve Gardener a successful businessman approaching age sixty lost the love of his life, his wife Linda three years prior.  Nicole Avery is a seventeen year old runaway from a home she felt endangered in and thinking she'd left the man that assaulted her dead in her bedroom. They find the family in each other they were both seeking that triggers events beyond their expectations.

It is a warm story of finding a grandfather and granddaughter relationship out of the tragic events that brought them together.

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Melody's Path to Grace

Christian Cozy Romance

Melody Taylor was coasting through life as a free spirit making it her mission to avoid any real connection until she met Henry Wilson, a Navy Veteran. Her quirky sarcastic sense of humor sparks a banter with Henry that he was more than willing to engage. They each bring interlocking puzzle pieces to build a portrait of trust, love, family and a path to the Lord’s grace. This is a Christian orientated humorous and cozy romance story of two realistic and flawed people helping each other over their individual obstacles and their journey in finding faith in God’s plan. 



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My 350 V8 Corvair

A Unique Muscle Car

This book takes the reader through photos and text of the conversion of a 1966 Chevrolet Corvair into a unique muscle car replacing the air cooled, six cylinder, rear engine with a high performance Chevy 350 V8 engine up front. Unique comes in when in addition to the engine swap, the Corvair body is shortened by 14 inches.

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